Wednesday, 25 February 2009


The selection of films
We have tried to pick films for a particular audience in the UK – familiar with the peculiar politics of Malaysia, yet unaccustomed to the idea that its citizens would stand up to the authorities. The stereotype of the apathetic Malaysian is challenged by these films.

We have grouped the films according to four themes :
· Democratic Space
· Activism and the British Connection (International relations)
· Minority Groups and the Authorities
· Prescribed Development

We use the films to draw connections between the past and present, the local with the foreign, the experts to the ‘ignorant’ and the powerless against the powerful. Lastly, the ties that bind those who endeavour, co-operate and persist.

Each film has a compelling story to tell around the issues raised. Six films of 30 minutes in length were chosen to highlight human rights issues in Malaysia while three shorter films are employed to underscore three insights from practitioners. A short discussion will follow after each film.

Past Freedom Film Fests have produced some remarkable documentaries which we would have liked to include in the Retrospective. As we were limited by time, we made the decision to screen early films from the Film Fests of 2005 and 2006.

From 2007, Sepuluh Tahun was chosen for its content which we deemed was early material from 1947. From 2008, Pilihanraya Umum ke-12 was selected as it sets the stage for the next Freedom Film Fest in October 2009 - which asks what "Real Change?" has taken place since the General Elections of 2008.

They films we would have liked for this Retrospective are :
Forgotten(2007) Ong Boon Keong
She's My Son(2007) Indrani Kopal
Who Speaks For Me(2008) Justin Johari
Pecah Lobang(2008) Poh Si Teng

A No-Budget Project
The FFF Retrospective is a “No-Budget” project that relies on the good will of those who share common hopes for Malaysia. Get involved. Donate to KOMAS. Submit a Film. Spread the word about GiftAid and giving to the Harinder Veriah Trust. Help take the Freedom Film Fest around the world on a no-budget tour.

To the film-makers, KOMAS(Anna Har, Sarah Najib, Jerald Joseph, Tan JoHann), MeiChern, Hilary Chiew, Lainie Yeoh in Malaysia; Padma Ramachandran, Josef Roy, Marie Tan, Sanjiv Gnaneswaran, Steph Chung, MayYee Tee, Puvan Tharmanathan, MingWang Lim, Jerry Arulandu, Ashley Chuan, Pipo Chiu in London - for putting this together.

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Josef Roy Benedict said...

Just wanted to say that from my years of organising events this was one of the most smooth and efficient running of an event I have seen. I think all of you did brilliantly and we got lots of people thinking. Syabas!!

Josef Benedict