Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Theme :: Prescribed Development

The films in this session deal with the top-down development approach that excludes the local people in decision-making in matters that affect them.

Binatang Pun Perlu Tanah (Even animals need land)
By Anna Har
10mins, 2008

Sinui Pai Nanek Sengik(meaning “New Life, One Heart”) is an indigenous community organisation formed by Tijah Cupil, using humility as a guiding principle - that outside ‘educators’ who teach, should themselves be open to learning from the community.

Twelve 11
By Claudia Theophilus, Foo Fang Juing, Ong Ju Lin, Loh Yin San
22mins, 2006

In 1993, the collapse of a condominium block built on a hillside in Kuala Lumpur claimed 48 lives. The cause of the collapse is documented in Twelve 11 and the issue of accountability is questioned when a legal loophole allowed the negligent Local Authority to get off the hook.

Another tragedy befell the residents in that same area when a landslide at Bukit Antarabangsa claimed 4 lives in December 2008. In the intervening years, the law was left unchanged and hillslope development projects continued to be approved by Local Authorities. It took a new State government to overturn unsafe approval decisions and to review the immunity of Local Authorities.

Alice Lives Here
By ReelPower
29mins, 2005

A highly questionable government decision to build Asia’s largest Incinerator at Broga brings out the village’s own Erin Brokovic in the form of Alice Lee. The film documents Alice’s campaign to challenge the government’s attempts to push through the 1.5billion Ringgit project dismissing health claims that emissions can harm and disfigure as seriously as Agent Orange.

Intended as a plan-B after the incinerator was rejected by residents of a larger township, government leaders expected to foist the incinerator on unsuspecting Broga villagers. The documentary traces the change and political awakening experienced by Alice and the people of Broga-Semenyih, and captures the power of what ordinary people can do in the face of injustice.

The film was completed for the the Freedom Film Fest 2005 as Alice’s campaign proceeds to the High Court. The Q+A session after the film's screening will update the audience on a twist in the tale of Alice in a country where the government always wins.

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