Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Theme :: Democratic Space

This session highlights the tension between the opening up of a democratic space in Malaysia and the State's draconian approach to restraining human freedoms.

No Damn Right

By Anna Har
15mins, 2008

This short film centres on a religious leader, Saari Sungib, who was detained twice without trial under the Internal Security Act(ISA). He and his wife, Aliza share their thoughts on fighting for justice as a family.

Pilihanraya Umum Malaysia ke-12 (The 12th General Elections)

By Abror Rivai
26mins, 2008

This film argues that Elections in Malaysia are compromised by an Elections Commission that is biased towards the incumbent Barisan government. In spite of the allegations the film makes, it charts Nurul Izzah’s unexpected win over a Cabinet Minister to gain a seat in Parliament. The first-time MP is the daughter of Anwar Ibrahim, who was detained without trial when he was deposed from his post as Deputy Prime Minister.

Romantik ISA
By Hakim
Screened at Freedom Film Fest 2005, Kuala Lumpur
A documentary about the Internal Security Act(ISA), includes interviews with past detainees.
Part 1 and 2

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