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Artist: Black
:Sepuluh Tahun Sebelum Merdeka
Soundtrack : Burhanuddin Al-Helmy

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* sold out* Watch the 2 films featured in the sell-out session Activism and The British Connection

Malaysia's only documentary film festival on human rights, social and environmental justice, the Freedom Film Fest, held a Retrospective on the 28 March 2009 at The Garden Court Chambers, Lincoln's Inn Fields, London.

The Retrospective voiced the human rights stories in the daring spirit the Freedom Film Fest has come to be known since its inception in 2004. Such films are rarely made and seldom seen outside the country.

In four sessions, the Retrospective screened ten documentaries made for the annual festival over the years. Films were organised under the themes of Democratic Space, Activism and the British Connection, Minority Groups and the Authorities, and Prescribed Development. The event saw the re-emergence of a fiery letter correspondence in 1987 between a 10 year old Englishboy and then Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dr.Mahathir. The boy, now aged 32 - Darrell Abercrombie, spoke about this forgotten episode for the first time, in public as an adult.

The event raised awareness of the Harinder Veriah Trust, to share the values held dear in the lifetime of a Malaysian-British woman and to bring to the forefront the untold Human Rights stories of her life over her father's detention without trial and the adoption of anti-Racism legislation in Hong Kong after her death. Listen to Do you see me like you? Read the story.

Artist : meichern
Film:Alice Lives Here
Soundtrack: Do you see me like you?
Film:Twelve 11
Soundtrack: My Time


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Anonymous said...

The film festival last weekend was a wonderful occasion to learn more about under-reported issues in Malaysia and be inspired by the courageous individuals who are taking on the might of the governmental juggernaut. Most of us in the audience felt a palpable desire to raise awareness and assist with the causes raised. Underneath the indignation, there was a quiet but nevertheless firm voice wondering what we could do while living in London

Some of us similarly heard the strident call and thought of channeling the passion and energy which we had felt, towards making a difference. We have been inspired to begin a series of fora which would examine some of the challenges faced by Malaysia in greater detail as a first step towards developing solutions.

The first forum will look at media freedom, a topic which was a strong undercurrent on Saturday. The discussion seeks to unravel the multi-faceted area by identifying the key elements and stakeholders to understand the various benefits and disadvantages as well as explore the various media-related initiatives in Malaysia. If you would like to join us in this journey, drop a line to < malaysian dot fora at google mail dot com >

Many thanks to See-See and the team in making this event a reality and driving forward the transformation agenda. Best of luck for the festival later in the year.